We have the opportunity over the next few weeks to offer assistance to our brothers and sisters who are in need or vulnerable.  We have been putting together volunteers to assist our shut-ins, ill, and seniors with such tasks as grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc.  If you have a need or are anxious about leaving home, please leave a comment here!  It will alert us, and we can make arrangements to help out.  If you have a private need, please contact the office at 336.785.0010.

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  1. We are in need of 2-3 people to paint the porch and front shutters for Harold Chrismon, a church member! This has been on our needs list for quite a while. Please contact Deb Weaver if you can help with this. The paint is being provided. Call me at 336-831-3455 or email debw4Christ@gmail.com
    We will have other mission projects coming very soon. Please take part if you can! Thank you.


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