We are blessed to have the power of prayer, and an advocate in Jesus Christ!  Please send an email to communications@oaklawnlife.com or call 336.785.0010 if you have a request or leave a comment on this page, and be praying for the others in our church family that you read here!  God can do amazing things and we, as His children, are responsible for lifting each other up!

Brian Long passed away on October 14.  Please keep the Longs and Freemans in prayer, and continue to pray for Heather’s health.

Pat Caudill will be having hernia surgery on December 14.

Frank Soucek, Linda Baker’s brother-in-law, passed away.

Lois Edmison’s sister, Shirley Richardson, fell and broke her hip.

Stella Atkins, Ginny Williard’s sister, is in the ICU battling COVID-19.

Betty Hundley fell and broke her hip.  She had surgery and is entering rehab.

Bob Miller, a former member of Oaklawn, passed away on November 20.

Allen Asbell’s eye was injured.  Please pray for healing.

Charles Freeman is battling bacterial pneumonia and has returned home from the hospital.

Marc McDermott, Marie McDermott’s son, had major surgery. He is doing well, but it could be touch and go during the healing process, so prayer will be greatly appreciated.

Robert V. Davis Sr., Pat Long’s father, passed away on December 26.  Please keep Doug and Pat in your prayers.

Gene Beck, a former member of Oaklawn, passed away on December 30.

Erma Blakley passed away on January 18.

Brenda Smothers is battling COVID-19.


  1. I will have a nerve conduction study on my legs tomorrow morning. I will have a MRI on my spine on Friday afternoon. In the meantime, have bronchitis and was written out of work this week. I am not contagious, but doctor did not want me exposed to anyone that is sick.


      1. everything got cancelled. I am out of work again next week. My boss thought I would be better staying at home and not around patient’s that could be sick. Ken is out of work for the next 2 weeks. Most of the stores who puts the cards in are closed.

        Also Ian is not having surgery on his legs at this time. The adjusted his medication and also prescribed something to go with it. They will watch him for 4-6 months and see how this works.


  2. Cheryl

    I am praying for you, Ken and Ian as you go through this challenging time. I have got to meet Ian one day!

    Love and prayers,
    Tommie Bowen


  3. Cheryl

    I am praying for you, Ken and Ian as you go through this challenging time. I have got to meet Ian one day!

    Love and prayers,


  4. My brother Mike Jones is in the hospital. Got out of ICU yesterday into a step down room-monitoring. Scan came back negative for pneumonia. Test results for Coronavirus will be in either today or tomorrow. My brother has leukemia so therefore his immunity is very low—but God is powerful! Please pray for healing.


  5. For those that did not receive my email- Praise God! My brother’s test results came back negative for the Coronavirus! God is so good. It is a true miracle! Thank you for all your prayers. He answered them.


  6. Please pray for our family- my son, my wife and myself.
    We desperately need God’s divine help to assist our family through a very tough time.


  7. Please pray for my 65 yr old sister joy sanders she has a stage 3 inoperable malignant tumor on her pancreas also pray her appetite nausea and hair loss will improve 314 495 9269


  8. Six months ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Thank God they caught it early so I only had a lumpectomy. After I recovered from the surgery, I had radiation treatment everyday for a month and luckily didn’t require chemotherapy treatments! I am currently cancer free. Praise the Lord! 🙏 Please continue to pray for me that my cancer will not come back. God is Great! Thank you.


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