The Finance team and the Property and Grounds team have had the property surveyed, and propose to have new lot lines for the houses at 3548 Kernersville Road and 614 Wayside Drive.

To remove tax liability, we intend to donate the .17 acre parcel at 0 Dillon Street to the neighbor who has been maintaining it for many years.  We also intend to sell the smaller parcels with houses at 3548 Kernersville Road and 614 Wayside Drive, once again to remove the liability of taxes and maintenance on the properties.  According to our constitution, in order to proceed with any of the transfers of property, a special business meeting will have to be called and a vote taken.  

Article X, Section 5 – PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION. The transferal of property shall be effected in accordance with the will of a 3⁄4 majority vote of members present. A quorum for this vote shall consist of no less than twenty percent of the church membership at a special called business meeting.

This meeting will be on September 11, 2022, after our morning service.  Today, we are simply reporting this information for transparency as we prepare and to announce the meeting.  If you have any questions, please contact Jim Saul or Matt Osborne.