Dear Oaklawn Family, 

It doesn’t seem real that it will be a month, April 7th. The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. However we are settling in, both of us are starting to adjust to new schedules, new responsibilities, and learning where everything lives in a new house. We really appreciate the text, calls, and cards we have received since living here. It’s nice to be remembered by people you care about. It’s one of the hard parts about moving away, everyone continues living their lives, so we appreciate the efforts of many of you to stay connected. 

Ashley is fully oriented and in her new position. I’m pretty very close to finishing up training and starting to wear my new responsibilities. I appreciate your prayers as I try to figure out if I know how to do this job. 

The hardest parts have been Sundays. Trying to find a new church is no joke. We have found places that have great music and activity going on. But I don’t have Allen giving me a bulletin and I can’t joke about the Phillies taking the Reds best player, I don’t check in with Uncle Don to get my schedule anymore, I don’t get to high five the kids as they come into the children’s area (if I did they might haul me off). I don’t get hugs from the sweet ladies who have become honorary moms and grandmoms to Ashley and myself. I miss the lobby of Oaklawn, so many great conversations, laughs, and life shared. Then Sunday comes night where we stare at each other and try to figure out what we do on Sunday nights now. I always want to text the kids at 5pm, but I know I would just get them in trouble with Grady, Natalie, Jennifer, and Shane. To say we miss you would be an understatement, but we are grateful for every memory. I understand what Paul meant when he said “I thank God for every remembrance of you” because we live that now. We are grateful for you. 

I know some of you have wondered how we are, so I thought I would give you all an update. We are doing well, we are unpacked, and we are starting to find our way in Amish country.  Life is going well and it is getting a little better everyday. 

We love you,

Caleb and Ashley

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