Smith Farm Elementary School has asked us to partner with them to help children who have food insecurity at home!  By being good neighbors, we have been able to build a relationship with the school staff, and have an opportunity to have an influence with the neighborhood children.  We provide bags of snacks for these kids to take home so they have food over the weekend.  On November 29, we will be packing enough bags to deliver through April.  Before that weekend, we need donations of the following items to fill the bags.  The size of the example bulk packages on the list are from Sam’s Club and are the most efficient way we’ve found to purchase.  If you would like to shop elsewhere, please consider that we have used these numbers to prepare and plan, so will need equivalent quantities.  Please check dates on these non-perishable items to ensure they are good through April.

Click here to pledge a food donation. Remember, we will be setting up our packing stations on Saturday, November 28, so we need all donations in before then!