This past weekend was certainly a weekend for the ages.  I would have to say that, as a pastor, it was one of the busiest weekends that I have ever experienced.  Here is the way it all went down starting Saturday and into Sunday:

5:30AM– 17 miles on the bicycle.

8:00 – 12noon – Service and Sermon prep

1:15 –  Picked up Jake (my faithful assistant) 

2:00 –  Graveside service for a beautiful believer and wife of a dear friend.

4:00 – Wedding ceremony for a beautiful couple in our church, Zackerie and Brooklyn 🙂

6:00 – Stopped back by the church to pick up food prepared by some awesome folks at Oaklawn for the above grieving family.

6:15 – Picked up fried chicken and potato salad at Walmart.

6:20 – On the way to deliver food, spoke with an incredible man of God in the hospital awaiting open heart surgery by phone.  (Love this man dearly…please pray for him).  Also called two other great men in our church who are suffering physically to encourage them as well.

6:45 – Delivered food to the above grieving family and spent a few minutes with them.  

8:00 – Jake and I changed the church sign from “Car Wash Fundraiser!” to “Global Impact Missions Weekend!”

8:45 – Took Jake home.  

9:00 – Arrived home…Ate a half-eaten cheeseburger that my 6 yr old didn’t finish, sat down on the couch and caught about 30 minutes of “Chronicles of Narnia”, Clemson football, and Braves baseball.

9:30 – Began prepping a funeral message for a sweet lady who passed this past week…She was 101 years old.  Her name was Hazel Smith and her daughter, Phyllis, attends our church.  

Midnight – Go to bed.

Sunday morning, 6:30AM – Rise and Shine!

8:45 – Worship prep

10:45 – God blessed with an incredible worship time at our gathering.  Preached a so-so sermon 😊

1:00 – Quick lunch at Taco Bell…Probably wasn’t the best idea. 😳

3:00 – Officiated the funeral service of Hazel Smith of Belews Creek.  She was born on December 31, 1914.  (The same year WWI began)

4:00 – Officiated the graveside service for Mrs. Hazel and spent a few minutes with the family.  

5:00 – For the first time ever, I dropped my son off at the church for youth as a parent and not the youth pastor.  It’s gonna be great just being his dad…but I’m gonna miss the WELL. 

6:45 – Pick-up Grady from youth and headed home…debated on whether or not to make some hospital visits.  I stayed home and prayed for them. 

Now, I certainly am not complaining, as a matter of fact, if you know me, I’m having the time of my life, but…I want to encourage you to pray for pastors!  I didn’t understand this until recently, but there is a load and a burden that pastors carry that is just…there.  I don’t know how to describe it other than God’s call on my life allows me to not only carry my own burdens, but also empowers me to help carry the burdens of others.  

It is a great responsibility, and I love it and I love my people, God’s people, the people of Oaklawn so much!   I am looking forward to the awesome things that God is going to do in and through His church!  

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Pray for your pastor.  He needs it!  Love God and love people!

Until next time,

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  1. Pastor Jay,
    I lift you and your family up in prayer daily.
    I admire your sincere heart for God’s people and the love your have for Oaklawn Church.


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